Why is Core Stability important? 

A program designed specifically for runners of all levels.

Strictly limited to 6 participants per program to ensure individualised attention from Pilates Physiotherapist, Maddy Walker.

Your questions answered in the info sheet below.

Download 'Why is Core Stability Important?' [PDF, 754kb]

Core Recovery Program

6 weekly Pilates/Core Stability sessions in small group format
designed for prevention of injury or as a part of rehabilitation.

This is our first 6 session format,  commencing mid February, 2020

Strictly limited to 6 participants to ensure individualised attention from Pilates Physiotherapist, Maddy Walker.

Download 'Core Recovery Program Information' [PDF, 751kb]




Dietitian, Sophie Stanwell, presented to YMCA Canberra Runners Club

Marathon Training Group regarding nutrition myths, methods & mistakes for endurance runners.

Download Sophie's Tips and Tricks [PDF, 1MB]


Bikefitting pre-assessment client recording form.

This Bikefitting pre-assessment client recording form is to be completed and forward to us prior to assessment session.

Download here [PDF, 553kb]

Tips for Comfortable Cycling

Australian Physiotherapy Association’s top ten tips for cycling in comfort
(Adapted from APA's ‘Top ten tips for cycling in comfort’ media release, 12 October, 2015)

As enthusiasm for cycling continues to grow in Australia and with summer fast approaching, it
is important for cyclists to understand the techniques for warm-up and recovery to help enjoy
their ride in comfort.

Cyclists are at a higher risk of sustaining knee, lower back, neck and shoulder injuries if they don’t take the right steps to minimise this risk. Melbourne-based Specialist Sports Physiotherapist Paul Visentini provides his top tips to help avoid injuries and recover more effectively after a long cycle.

Download his tips here [PDF, 305kb]



Fashionable compression garments can make all the difference when the aim is to prevent or manage lymphoedema. Check out the range of beautiful LympheDivas upper limb garments now being distributed by Positive Motion Physiotherapy at

Bikefitting pre-assessment client recording form.

Positive Motion Rehabilitation are proud supporters of the ACT Lymphoedema Support Group aka ‘Canberra Lymphies.’

Email: for more information or follow them on Facebook @ACT Lymphoedema Support Group.


Breast Cancer Network Australia have some excellent resources available regarding exercise (Booklet: Exercise and breast cancer) and lymphoedema (Physical Wellbeing with Lymphoedema), amongst other things!


Cancer Australia have produced an excellent resource on lymphoedema that is a must-read for anyone who is at risk of, or who has developed lymphoedema. Click on the heading below!

Cancer Australia - Lymphoedema Booklet

Australasian Lymphology Association

The Australasian Lymphology Association has published a series of YouTube videos on lymphatic massage. Take a look here: